How To Install Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arms On Tall Ceilings

Apr 16, 2020 | Products

When purchasing a complete system with Hospital Bedside Terminals and the Arms to mount them on, installation costs are a significant part of the budget. Folcrom has worked hard to engineer our products to be not only the best quality but also affordable to ship, distribute and install.

Tall Ceilings

When installing a ceiling mount, it can be a challenge managing the installation especially when you are dealing with tall ceilings. Folcrom has seen hospital installations in the past where the ceilings have been over 3 meters tall which gave the hospital facilities team a huge headache on how to get the ceiling mounts installed given that a fixed length ceiling mount that long, most likely won’t fit inside the hospitals freight elevators. One customer ended up having to rent a big crane and deliver the mounting poles through the windows on each floor. Needless to say, that becomes slow and costly.

To address this problem, Folcrom developed a telescopic version of the ceiling mount that has a patented retraction mechanism that allows us to ship a compacted ceiling mount that can be easily extended on site to the length required at the specific hospital. Cheaper transportation and no problems with elevators!

Why Ceiling Mounts are Most Common?

Folcrom Hospital Arm Ceiling Mount

Folcrom Hospital Arm Ceiling Mount

In many modern hospitals the walls are often made of plaster board or even glass partitions. This poses a great challenge when trying to install a bedside terminal solution since it is simply is not possible to use a Wall Box.

This leaves few options for hospitals to mount the terminals around the bed. Of course, there is a floor mount option or even bed mount but those mounting methods have their own challenges.

The only and best alternative is to look at a Ceiling Mount. The hospital facilities staff need to then get into the ceiling and determine the length of Ceiling Mount they need to bring it down from the concrete ceiling to the bedside.

The Folcrom team have a range of ceiling mounts from fixed length to telescopic variants. We also have easy cable installation and integrated cable management to aid the speed of installation.

Depending on the ceiling, we offer different covers to hide cables and holes in the ceilings.

If you are interested to learn more about the Folcrom Ceiling Mounts, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We are very happy to help you find the right installation procedure for your facilities.

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