FX500 Articulating Arm

Easy to Position

The FX500 Series Arm was developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals.

The arm offers a long reach, perfect balance and optimal vertical and horizontal movement.

FX500 has cables integrated into the arm allowing connectivity to a variety of devices.

Nurse Use Healthcare system mounted on Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arm

Service and Maintenance

We stand by our products. The arms comes with a 2-year warranty. If you need help past that period with adjustments or repairs, please contact us. We are proud to say that we have customers who purchased 15 years ago who are still enjoying their arms every day.

Being designed specifically for the healthcare market, the arms are easy to clean and disinfect.

The internal cable duct makes replacement and service easy. The cable covers can be removed while the arm is installed. All connectors can be left on when replacing the complete cable set. This minimizes service costs and down time.

An easy cable shift version is available on demand.


Carry Weights up to 12 Kgs
Minimal loading on walls
A high quality and robust construction.
Perfectly balanced with high vertical movement.
Easy re-positioning and maneuverability.
Integrated cabling
VESA Mounting
Long Reach
Easily cleaned and disinfected.

Flexible and Ergonomic

The FX500 has a maximum reach of 1915 mm and has a vertical travel of 1.6 meters. With the first segment fixed in the vertical plane it is perfect for situations where there is equipment close to the mount that needs to be traversed.

FX500 Technical Drawing