Folcrom is proud to be part of one of the first projects in Germany that integrates multimedia bedside solutions into clinical care. At the Maria Hilf Hospital in Krefeld, Folcrom partnered with Alexianer GmbH, whose 15,000 employees provide healthcare solutions that generate over a billion in revenue each year across Germany.

With Alexianer GmbH, Folcrom helped to deliver an all-in-one multimedia bedside system to Maria Hilf Hospital, which improves functional processes within wards and provides patients with a connected entertainment system to make their time as pleasant as possible.

It has huge benefits that ease the loads on nurses. Before the bedside solution, a rudimentary nurse call button was the only way patients could signal contact. Even if they only wanted a glass of water, a nurse was required to attend to them each time to see what was needed. This bedside solution is a game-changer, with patients able to request beverages or food from the terminal without putting a burden on nurses each time.

Also integrated into the terminal is the ability to control the positioning of the hospital beds, and a patient entertainment system that lets them watch movies and television, call loved ones and access the internet without assistance.

Folcrom’s FX 100 wall-mounted arm is the lynchpin that ensures smooth operation of the terminal for both patients and clinicians. It features our patented gas-spring, calibrated to the weight of the system display for movement that’s both seamless and effortless for patients and staff alike. All electrical cables are concealed within the arm itself to ensure a safe, clean environment. And its sleek design makes it easy to wipe down, clean and sterilize whenever needed.

In conjunction with Alexianer GmbH, the hospital has further plans to extend the use of the terminal to a wide range of other areas which enhance patient experience and reduce workload and stress for clinicians. This is made possible through Folcrom’s work to ensure they have a system that can be easily operated in any position.

We look forward to seeing what technological advances Maria Hilf Hospital implements in the future using the terminal.