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Folcrom has a suitable arm for every facility. We pride ourselves on helping our customers picking the right product.

Makes Every Room VIP

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Folcrom is a technology company focused on developing mounting solutions for the challenging Healthcare environment. Our product solutions combine leading edge design and manufacturing technologies to deliver a world class solution.

Folcrom support many areas of Healthcare from Surgery, point of care and ICU environments as well as meeting spaces. Together with our partners, we make fully integrated solutions that provide patients with better services and helps healthcare professionals to achieve better efficiencies, workflow and improves clinical outcomes.

Today’s healthcare providers seek ways to increase patient throughput and satisfy growing patient expectations. Time spent with the patient has become increasingly time-pressured. However, Folcrom’s mounting solutions help to create a fully collaborative environment integrating with the latest technology and localised partners. Folcrom have supplied more than 100,000 arms to hospitals around the world. Let us advice you about which arms and mounting solution would be suitable for your facilities.

News & Information

Folcrom Wall Mount Monitor Arms Bring Patient Value

Folcrom Wall Mount Monitor Arms Bring Patient Value

Wall mount monitor arms offer patients a lot of value - entertainment, communication and information. Having the arm mounted on a wall means that the monitor can be available when it is needed and then quickly put away when it might be in the way. Folcrom offers...

What Do We Call These Arms?

What Do We Call These Arms?

Since 2004 Folcrom has designed, manufactured and installed more than 100,000 Hospital Bedside Arms of the highest quality. When we talk to our customers or search the internet we have found that our products are known by many different names. There does not seem to...

How To Install Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arms On Tall Ceilings

How To Install Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arms On Tall Ceilings

When purchasing a complete system with Hospital Bedside Terminals and the Arms to mount them on, installation costs are a significant part of the budget. Folcrom has worked hard to engineer our products to be not only the best quality but also affordable to ship,...