Various Wall Mounts

Folcrom offers three different kinds of wall mounts depending on the customer’s preferences, the wall it will be installed on and the terminal or other equipment that will be installed.

  • All cables are integrated inside of the mount so that no cables are exposed. This ensures the cables will last longer before they need to be replaced and it is easier to clean.
  • There is space inside the mount for a power supply and other accessories. The mounting is designed to ground the arm and system to the hospital ground.
  • The mount is designed to be installed at 2m height from the floor.
  • Generally recommended to be used on concrete walls.

Installation Consultation

Most often it is the location of existing cables, pipes and ducts that determines the best place to mount the arm. The construction of the walls and ceiling may of course also guide these decisions. Folcrom has advised customers from around the world to find the best way to install the arms according to their unique situation and needs. Please consult with Folcrom for more details.

FX820 Wall Box
FX850 Wall Box
FX880 Wall Box