Hospitals are always looking for ways to improve care, but they equally need ways to reduce costs due to increasing demand. Happily, Folcrom is able to help with both, as shown in Canada, one of the world’s most medically advanced countries.

Technology is increasingly able to solve complex challenges in the medical world, and Toronto’s Humber River Hospital proudly lays claim to being the first fully digital hospital in the whole of North America. Folcrom is a part of this revolution. We teamed up with i3 Solutions, Canada’s technology-driven leader in digital healthcare solutions, to provide the hospital with an advanced bedside solution system that serves both patients and clinicians in one device.

The device is made easily accessible to staff and patients with the aid of Folcrom’s FX500 arm ceiling mounts. These perfectly balanced arms offer a long reach and optimal vertical and horizontal movement to make positioning and using the device absolutely seamless.

This enables patients to easily access movies, internet, phone calls and more on the device from their bedside. And when clinicians need access, they can easily pivot the system where it’s needed to bring up medical data and test results.

The FX500 makes life easy and convenient, integrating all cables inside the arm so all electrical wires are tucked away, and ensuring the device is easy to wipe down, clean and sterilize.

The bedside system has been a big part of Humber River Hospital’s drive to increase patient satisfaction, decrease staff workload, reduce patient re-admissions and create new revenue streams. Folcrom’s contribution to this effort gives them a system they can utilize to their benefit for many years to come.