Ceiling Mount Picture


The ceiling mount is the most common
mounting method for our arms.

Ceiling Mount Drawing

Most Popular

The ceiling mount is our most common mounting method. Walls are often already full of equipment, internal cables and ducts that would prevent installing an arm while the ceiling is often completely empty.

  • All cables are integrated inside of the mount so no cables are exposed.
  • The mount has space for a power supply and other accessories.
  • The mount is designed to ground the arm and the system to the hospital ground.

By having the mount in the ceiling, the arm and computing devices can be easily fixed to the spigot and swiveled in to the correct location for viewing. It provides a wide rotational span giving the optimum user experience for usability and positioning.


The mount incorporates all necessary cables and safety locks for many different types of arms and devices which are connected to the system. Each ceiling mount is able to achieve an operating life of more than 40,000 cycles.

The standard colour of the arm is RAL 9010 (white). Other colours are available upon request.


The internal cable duct makes replacement and service easy. The ceiling cover can be easily removed to allow access to the internal cables if removing or adding a new system. This design process minimizes service costs and upgrade/down time.

Ceiling Mount Features

• Carries weight up to 12 kg
• Minimal loading on ceilings
• A high quality and robust construction
• Perfectly balanced with high vertical movement
• Easy re-positioning and maneuverability
• Integrated cabling
• Mounting spigot
• Various lengths available
• Easily cleaned and disinfected

Installation Consultation

Folcrom ceiling mounts can be customized to different lengths depending on your ceiling height or you can choose a telescopic mount which allows you to adjust the height after installation.

Contact us and let us know your situation and we will advice of the best installation method.