Folcrom at EmbeddedWorld 2020 amidst corona-19 scare

Feb 27, 2020 | Company News

All around the world, people and companies are dealing with the effects of the corona-19 virus scare. Many tradeshows, events and seminars are being cancelled since the organizers decide that either it is not worth it to risk infections from gathering many people or they fear people would not attend. Folcrom has for months been looking forward to attend the tradeshow EmbeddedWorld 2020 in Nuremburg, Germany. Unlike many other events, this show still decided not to cancel. One of our partners for medical terminals, Waysion, had asked us to provide our arms for the terminals to be mounted on.

While we still met a lot of great people and had the chance set some appointments to talk about installing our bedside arms in more hospitals, it was remarkable how empty the show was. Not only were there very few visitors, many exhibitors did not show up as well. With the virus hitting countries such as China, South Korea and Japan so hard, it is understandable to put safety first. It is telling that one of the most common discussions we had during the show was how to outfit isolation/quarantine wards with terminals on arms so people waiting to be released would have access to information, communication and entertainment.

Wash your hands, stay safe! We hope to see you at future events!

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