The Importance of Cable Management

Nov 1, 2019 | Products

There are a number of reasons why proper cable management is vital on the hospital floor. At Folcrom we have taken this into account with all of our products. We ensure they not only adheres to strict hospital safety procedures but make for a pleasant experience for both staff and patients.

Unlike many other hospital bedside arms, Folcrom products houses all cables internally inside the arm. This has a number of advantages:


1. Safety

As detailed in the World Health Organisation’s Hospital Safety Index Guide for Evaluators, cables “should be protected from flooding and fire”, and “channeled through cable racks or conduits that protect them from twisting, breaking or from general deterioration.” Folcrom hospital bedside arms adhere to this guide, with cables safely protected. But we also go further. Cables aren’t just channeled through racks, they are completely encased within our arm, which thoroughly protects them from damage by twisting on breaking.

In addition, the cables are hidden out of sight from the patients, so it’s impossible for the cables to be a hindrance, and pose no risk of obstructing staff while carrying out their duties, giving them one less thing to worry about.


2. Appearance

Having cables in full view is always unsightly, and that’s never more so when in the clean surroundings of a hospital. Hiding cables makes for a more pleasant environment free from clutter and distractions. While many manufacturers have been unable to find a way to properly conceal cables, Folcrom’s engineering team spent a great deal of time designing the arms to ensure cables are always out of sight and out of mind for patients and clinicians.


3. Cleanliness

When it comes to cleaning and sterilizing hospital apparatus, having cables concealed makes it so much easier for the staff to do their job. When bedside arms have their cables exposed, it makes it more likely that dirt can build up within nooks where the cables run alongside the arms. Not so with Folcrom. With all the cables hidden, the arms are so easy to wipe down and maintain.


4. Cable Management Leads to Longevity

Cables that are hanging on the outside of the arms, even in a cable duct, is more likely to get dirty which over time increases friction which wears on the cables. In Folcrom’s arms, the cables are well protected. The cables also are much less likely to get pinches in a way that would lead to breakages. This is one contributing factor to Folcrom arm’s famous long lifespan.

As you can see, Folcrom’s integrated cable management make maintenance and long term use easier and smoother for staff and give patients a more neat and sleek experience.

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