Telstra, Australia

Oct 8, 2019 | Customers

Folcrom joined forces with the telecommunications giant Telstra to provide medical mounts for South Australia’s 1.6 million residents with access to the government’s SA Health hospitals across the region.

SA Health is a portfolio of services and agencies overseen by Greg Hunt, Australia’s Minister for Health, and Folcrom aided them in their commitment to protect and improve the health of all South Australians.

Thanks to Folcrom and Telstra, the region’s hospitals now have state-of-the-art bedside systems that provide two hugely important tasks, enhancing a patient’s quality of life with entertainment services, and providing clinicians with an efficient and valuable way to access patient’s medical data, bring up test results and more.

Folcrom were entrusted to manufacture 3800 medical-grade ceiling and wall mounts that are an integral part of the system, each operated with their patented internal gas spring. The result is a seamless operating experience for both patients and clinicians, with a rotating arm that effortlessly glides into any position they choose. With the mounts precisely-calibrated to the device’s weight, they hold their position perfectly every single time.

At Adelaide’s Lyell Ewin Hospital, Chief Surgeon Mr. Jim Young was thrilled with the service the system provides.

“It’s a fantastic advance in the bedside management of patients from a clinician’s point of view, because of the ready access of all our pathology and radiology data, and it gives us an opportunity to inform the patient about the problem that’s resulted in their admission.”

It’s a service that will help keep Lyell Ewin and the wider region’s hospitals functioning soundly for many years to come, as each Folcrom arm mount undergoes painstaking testing to achieve an operational life of over 40,000 cycles.

David Johnston, the Chief Information Officer for SA Health, is certainly mindful of the big impact this system has for the region’s hospitals as a whole.

“It’s extremely important that the healthcare system reforms itself, I believe a huge part of that is technology.”

Folcrom is proud to have worked with such established healthcare professionals in one of the world’s most medically advanced regions, but above all, we’re proud that we can make a positive difference in the lives of patients while easing the load for clinicians and physicians alike.

As Cathy Miller, General Manager at Lyell Ewin Hospital says “We’ve always believed that a good hospital experience leads to improved clinical outcomes, so if the patient’s happy then the hospital’s happy.”

And that makes Folcrom happy too.

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