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Aug 11, 2019 | Customers

Folcrom is of course proud of every installation of our hospital bedside arms around the world, but when it is a dedicated children’s hospital it is extra special.

When Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, UK, was founded in 1876 the idea of having a bedside terminal was very far away. To provide its young patients with entertainment, education and communication and give medical staff quick access to patient information, in 2012, the hospital equipped 140 beds with the great JAOtech Smart Terminals from one of our worldwide partners BARCO.

The solution will allow medical and nursing staff to increase the time they spend on patient care, thus giving patients more individual attention by providing quick and convenient access to the records and data they need – and eliminating the long-standing problem of limited space at nursing stations,” explains Russell Banks, Head of IT at the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

The software solution was delivered by ANS Group in partnership with Provision Network, the system was rolled out across all 140 bedside terminals at the hospital, as well as on other computers used by clinical staff at nursing stations and in offices.

ANS Group installed an authentication module and some specialist client software on each terminal, to provide clinicians with fast access to a clinical desktop by inserting their Connecting for Health (CfH) smart card into the JAO smart card reader and entering their password.

The JAOtech Smart Terminals supplied to the hospital are specifically designed for the hygienic and noise-free environment of a hospital ward, and use an intuitive touch screen interface. In addition to the patient records, they offer patients radio, TV, Internet access and telephony, as well as computing facilities and an education service to ensure that essential learning is available to long-term patients, so they do not fall behind on schooling and can develop their skills. The all-in-one terminals are fanless, use wipe-down anti-bacterial plastics and are sealed front and back to IP65 and IP64, which protects against dust and water.


Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arms installed at the Sheffield Children's Hospital in the UK

Folcrom Hospital Bedside Arms installed at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the UK


All these great functions needs to be easily accessible to the patient, visitors, nurses and doctors in different positions throughout the day. Equally important, when not being used, it needs to be quickly fold away so it does not obstruct other activities.

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