The importance of hospital device charging stations

Nov 2, 2019 | Products

Almost every citizen now owns a smartphone or tablet, and these all require frequent charging, especially in a hospital where communication becomes imperative.

In the US alone, The American Hospital Association reports that there are over 35 million hospital admissions annually, and that doesn’t even account for each visitor a patient has. As over 92% of people now own mobile phones, the importance of getting the issue of cell-phone charges managed correctly cannot be overstated. This poses a potentially big logistical issue for hospitals, with some people plugging unsafe devices like powerbanks etc into the wall outlets. The solution is so easy when using Folcrom bedsite arms.


A personal charging hub for every bed

When a hospital uses Folcrom bedside arms with entertainment/medical systems attached to them, they can take advantage of the USB ports that come with each system. This means that every patient using a Folcrom arm at their bedside is able to directly charge their device from it, which makes operations much easier and removes the possibilities of many potential hazards.


Keeping patients connected during emergencies

There will often be times when a patient needs to contact family members to update them on important developments. Therefore it’s vital that they have an easy way to contact them quickly when the need arises.

If a patient’s phone battery is dead, then they have to resort to asking staff to contact families for them using hospital phones. The time-consuming logistics can quickly mount up. When an easy solution isn’t present, there are many reports of staff being overloaded with requests from patients to contact family members. This hinders them from doing other, more important duties and places more stress on the system.

Then there’s the issue of the patients needing to remember the phone number’s of their loved ones in the first place. Most people only have one or two numbers committed to memory, so using a hospital phone is often not a viable option for them. Often times the hospital may want to contact the patient’s local doctor to talk about their medical history, and dead mobile batteries mean that it’s much harder for patients to easily give them the contact information they need. This then results in the staff having to do extra manual work searching for the right information, which again eats into valuable time.

Utilising the USB ports on Folcrom bedside arms, so that patients can charge at their bedside, is one very easy way to eliminate these problems.


Avoiding physical hazards

A charging cable trailing along the floor because someone’s plugged their phone into a hospital wall socket can be a very dangerous hazard for many reasons. Not to mention the fact that staff could potentially be held liable for any accident that occurs because of this, regardless of who plugged the phone in there in the first place.

There’s also the worrying possibility that a patient may unplug an important medical device in order to charge their phone, which again has many potentially dangerous consequences, some of them may even be life-threatening.

A simple, easy USB port attached to a Folcrom bedside arm eliminates hazards trailing wires or the chance anything important may end up without power.


Reducing stress

People are more integrated with their mobile phones than ever before, and often become apprehensive or on edge when they can’t access it for periods of time. With their phone, even though they’re stuck in a hospital bed, they have easy access to their whole network of friends and family with their phone. Without it, they often feel much more isolated.

Using USB ports on Folcrom bedside arms or the devices attached to them is one simple, effective way to ensure patients stay happy and comfortable, easing the stress for both them and the staff.

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