The importance of Angle Stops with bedside arms

Nov 2, 2019 | Products

When hospitals install bedside arms from other manufacturers, there is one important thing they don’t account for, and it leads to many logistical problems after installation, which becomes a real headache, causes hazards and can be expensive to fix. Folcrom bedside arms don’t have any of these problems though, due to one specially engineered piece of tech – the Angle Stop.

The problem

Most hospital rooms are tight squeezes with beds, equipment and people struggling for space. After hospitals have installed other bedside arms on their wards, many report about them having problems due to the arm’s range of motion.

A patient or clinician may be fine when it comes to using the bedside arm, but when it comes time to move the arm out of the way, there is the potential for a mishap. They arm might crash into a window on the side, hit some hospital equipment or swing into the space assigned to the next bed.

These arms don’t have any mechanism to stop them from being swung beyond the needed range of motion when they need to be moved. This has the potential to create all sorts of damage, as hospitals have unfortunately learned the hard way.

The cost of the problem

Once these devices are installed, there is no way to stop them from operating in their full range of motion. So to combat this, many hospitals have actually had to install poles protruding from the floor or wall so that the arm can’t move beyond a specific point and cause damage.

Firstly, this is terribly expensive, as installing a pole securely in the floor of every bedside is a significant job. Hospitals often haven’t budgeted for this extra expense, and it comes as a nasty shock.

Also, having poles in the way gives staff less working space to conduct their duties, and they have to constantly work around them limiting their flexibility around bedsides, making it harder to attend to the needs of patients.

The genius, simple solution

Folcrom’s bedside arms are the only arms that don’t suffer from this problem. The reason is due to our specially engineered Angle Stops. It means that when an arm is moved, it will automatically stop at a certain point and go no further. There is no need to install costly and annoying extra poles that constantly get in the way. Both patients and staff can easily swing the arm away from them without worrying where it will stop.

Located at the mounting point, the Angle Stop can be set on each side to limit the swing radius in either direction. This proprietary tech is exclusive to Folcrom, as we are the only company that’s succeeded in engineering such a solution.

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