Folcrom arms – a versatile way to aid the workplace

Nov 2, 2019 | Products

Whether it’s in factories, warehouses, laboratories or design centers, Folcrom’s arms can aid businesses in a number of ways to help staff and increase productivity.


When it comes to factories, there are many instances where a Folcrom arm can be of benefit to staff. If you’re operating a production line and want detailed access to information about the performance of different machinery or workflow, having strategically-positioned mounted arms ensures that workers can quickly walk over and check on key facets, without having to drop everything and sit at a centralized computer hub.

Mounting the right computer system on a Folcrom arm, machinery can be controlled directly using it, and let workers operate in various, comfortable positions, so they can easily deal with computerized aspects when need before quickly attending to other needs on the factory floor.


This is another area where Folcrom arms can aid staff. Well-positioned arms within the warehouse can ease logistics when doing stock or inventory checks, being able to quickly walk over to a mounted arm and conduct necessary checks without the burden of sitting at a computer far away from the stock they’re dealing with.


In science labs, arms can be cleverly positioned around other lab equipment when conducting tests, allowing multiple people to view the screen at one time, then move it out of the way when it isn’t needed. Test results and specific parameters can all be integrated into computer systems which are then mounted on the arm. And as the arms have been designed to strict specifications fit for hospitals, which cables all concealed from view and a clean, uniform exterior, labs can be confident that no aspect of the arm would ever interfere with any tests. It’s also so easy to wipe down and sterilize the arm, with no fear of corrosion or contamination.

Design Centers

Folcrom works so well when multiple people want access to a screen at the same time. If there is a team of engineers or designers who are all discussing the different aspects of a particular project they’re working on, having a computer system mounted on a Folcrom arm makes it easier for them to pass the system between each other and highlight key points.

These are just a few of the advantageous scenarios where Folcrom arms will help businesses boost their productivity and aid operations.

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