Bedside arms – cater to patients in every position

Nov 2, 2019 | Patient Entertainment, Patient Experience, Products

There are many instances in a hospital where patients need to frequently change their position in bed. To make life much easier and more comfortable to the patient, being able to have access to communication and entertainment services in every position eases the amount of stress they are under and helps them to feel more content.

Without a bedside arm, it’s very difficult to give a patient regular access to entertainment if they need to be frequently moved. Often in these cases, televisions are placed in a fixed position on the wall, so if a patient needs to be turned on their side or be angled so they’re looking up at the ceiling, the television is useless to them. Folcrom’s beside arms solve this problem.

Versatile entertainment from every angle

Folcrom’s arms are designed with versatility in mind, and are able to be positioned in a wide variety of different ways to suit the patient. It doesn’t matter if they have to lie on their back, be turned to one side or face straight forward. Our bedside arms will accommodate almost every position so the patient always has ready access to an entertainment system.

There are a number of different situations in which Folcrom helps patients feel content when dealing with particular ailments:

Preventing bedsores

Patients who are under long term hospital care, especially older patients, frequently need to have their positions changed in bed to prevent things such as bedsores or excess pressure on particular points. Many of these patients are unable to move by themselves to access entertainment, but Folcrom makes it easy for staff to position an entertainment system in front of them however they are laid in bed.

Aiding Rehabilitation

After an accident, patients may need to be frequently moved in order to aid the healing process on different joints and bones. However they are moved, Folcrom moves with them, always ensuring they have access to entertainment when they need it.

Recuperating in a fixed position

If a patient has broken bones or spinal injuries, their body may need to be specially aligned in a set position to let the body heal. In these cases, it may be that the patient is unable to choose the direction in which they look. This is another instance where Folcrom’s hospital arms come in handy.

Ease of use for staff

The other advantage with our bedside arms is the ability to easily move them out of the way. If nurses need to change a patient’s position in bed, being able to effortlessly move the arm to one side while they do it is a real plus. Then when they are finished, it only takes a second to move the arm back over to a new position in which the patient can take advantage of it. These eases the burden on staff so they don’t need to think of new and potentially complex ways to stop patients from becoming agitated.

With Folcrom, giving patients access to quality entertainment and enjoyment has never been easier.

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