Hospital Monitor Arms – Benefits and Usage Cases

Nov 5, 2019 | Patient Experience

Every healthcare system around the globe is trying to increase their efficiency. Many countries are having trouble to hire and retain all the medical personnel that they need. So why should a hospital spend money to install hospital monitor arms in their wards? What makes this expenditure worthwhile?

Over the last 15+ years, Folcrom has worked together with several different monitor manufacturers and have seen hospitals use many different software solutions like Advantech, Quanta, and Samsung.

What to put on a hospital monitor arm?

Every software provider of course have their own strengths and unique offerings.


Hospital Monitor Arm for medical information

Bring Information to the patient

By having a terminal by the bedside, nurses and doctors can pull up medical information like x-ray images or test results to review with the patient and their loved ones.

Better information leads to better decisions which improves the clinical outcome.


Communication is crucial for people. Being in a hospital can be a scary and lonely experience. The bedside terminal facilitates communication which makes the patient happier and more relaxed

hospital monitor arm brings entertainmentEntertainment

At the best of times, entertainment acts as a distraction and a golden edge on our days. Seldom is this more important than when you are in spending nights in a hospital.

Whether we are talking about movies, TV or games available at the fingertips, it should be seen as a crucial part of nursing the patient back to health.


Ergonomic Benefits of Hospital Monitor Arms

The old way of bringing entertainment into a hospital room was to fix a TV high up on a wall somewhere and provide a remote control. If the room has more than one patient, it sets the scene for one or more unhappy people. The screen size at a distance ends up being tiny and if you are not comfortable facing at the exact angle towards the TV you are out of luck.

The Folcrom hospital monitor arms are designed exactly for these scenarios. Each bed can have their own arm. The arms are perfectly balanced for the monitor mounted on them so that the patient, nurse or guest can easily position the terminal in the perfect location no matter if they are a child or weak.

When the arm is not needed, it won’t be in the way. As nurses and doctors needs space to work around the patient the arm easily fold away so as not to create new ergonomic nightmares for the staff.


What monitor or terminal and software to use?

There are many great vendors out there. If you have not yet decided which ones you want, ask us! We can refer you to some makes of hospital monitors that we have previously mounted on our arms.


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