Hospital Arms

Jul 15, 2019 | Company News, Patient Experience

The whole purpose of a hospital arm is to provide information and entertainment when and where it is needed.

In a patient room, the hospital room can be mounted either above the bed in the ceiling or on the wall depending on what makes sense.

For the last 16 years Folcrom has delivered Hospital Arms to hospitals all over the world. Our partners like for example Siemens, Barco and AT&T deliver solutions like multi-media displays that can show TV, video-on-demand, access medical data or enable the patient to make voice and video calls.

Folcrom Hospital Arm in Patient Room
Folcrom Hospital Arm in a Patient Room

When a patient wants to access any of those functions, they simply grab the end of the arm and with a minimum of effort it can be perfectly positioned for every user thanks to the quality of the Folcrom Hospital Arms.


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