Hospital Arms on TV

Dec 8, 2019 | Patient Entertainment

It is always interesting to see how hospital bedside arms and the terminals at the end of them are entering main stream media as a sign that a scene is shot in a modern and up to date hospital. In later years South Korea has been extremely successful in capturing ears and eye balls for their Kpop and TV dramas. One such TV series is called Tunnel. It is a criminal drama where the main character is a detective who is transported 30 years into the future to help a new team of police to capture a murderer that has eluded him. As entertainment it is completely ok, well worth a gander.

Famous by association?

One thing that captured our attention is that several hospital scenes feature some hospital arms and bedside terminals. We are sad to say it is not our arms but it is still great to see our type of products getting some valuable screen time. The terminal they use come from one of Folcrom’s partners Barco. Looking good! (You can read more about how Folcrom and Barco together equipped Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the UK)

In space as well!

Another show that also feature arms is the space action drama Another Life. Featuring Kate Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame, this sci-fi drama takes place mostly on a space ship on the way between different solar systems on a mission to save earth from invading aliens.

On this space ship, their bridge is fitted with several monitors on arms.

Another Life Netflix Drama Hospital Bedside Arms in space

We assume the set designers thought that including these hospital arms in their set was a simple way to add a futuristic hi-tech feeling. While that is of course cool, we look forward to a day when every hospital room have a bedside arm and terminal making these products completely old news.

But for now, if you are a set designer who needs some modern tech flare and movement to your TV show or movie, Folcrom would love to work with you! Contact us today and we’ll see how we can get you a great arm that is easy to move around and with no unsightly visible cables.



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