5 Ways to Combine Hospital Information Systems with Patient Entertainment Systems

Jul 20, 2016 | Healthcare IT / e-Health, Patient Entertainment

The Folcrom arms have been installed in hospitals all over the world as more and more hospitals install advanced Patient Entertainment Systems. These entertainment systems have gone through some major changes over the past few years.

Patient entertainment and education systems evolved into patient engagement systems. Systems that use different tools and method to engage the patient in their care and health. A few years ago solutions included a simple cart based TV and VCR system or printed patient education material. Now patient systems offer all kinds of in-room services that can be operated right from the bedside.

This change in patient systems has let to a focus on combining them with hospital information systems. Technology enables hospitals to offer patients services and information from the hospital information system through a bedside device. This helps achieve clinical efficiency and gives patients access to information and services all from one device.

Technology provides hospital information not only via in-room TVs, but also on hospital owned bedside terminals and patient owned tablets. Making the information available from different points of access.

So, lets take a closer look at the different hospital information system services that can be integrated with the patient’s bedside entertainment system.


5 Ways to Combine Hospital Information Systems with Patient Entertainment Systems


EHR Systems (Electronic Health Record)

One of the most valuable hospital system integrations is the EHR system. Integrating the EHR system with the patient entertainment system delivers and records patient health information. An EHR patient portal gives patients unlimited access to their health information. Engaging them in the recovery process.

The interoperability of this integration leads to a more comprehensive patient experience. Patients are empowered by the knowledge they gain from their electronic health record. They feel involved and are more willing to participate in the treatment process.

Next to that, integrating the EHR system with the patient entertainment system makes it easier for doctors and nurses to share, update and show information to and with patients from any device. Terminal, TV or tablet.

Meal Ordering

Meal ordering is another example of hospital information system integration with patient entertainment systems. Hospitals can offer patients the opportunity to order the meals of their choice right from their bed.

Integrating a meal ordering system is a great way to offer patients a higher level of service. Increasing the level of patient satisfaction. Patients can choose whatever meal they like!

Combining hospital systems even makes it possible to show patients only those meal choices that are compliant with their dietary restrictions. This is a fantastic example of how different hospital information systems work together to offer patients more personalized services.

Room Control

There is nothing more frustrating then being confined to a bed and not being able to do certain things yourself. Those days have gone.

Patients can now use their bedside patient entertainment system to control different parts of the room. Room control features include closing the curtains, dimming the light or switching it on or off completely and adjusting the temperature of the room.

This gives the patient control to adjust the room’s circumstances to their liking. And it saves nurses time as they don’t have to assist the patient with these things.

Pharmacy Medication Ordering Systems

A more medical form of integration of hospital information systems is the ability to purchase medication from the pharmacy. Based on EHR information and doctor’s prescriptions patients can order their medication from their bedside.

If the service allows, they can even have their medication delivered to them. This is another way to give patients that extra bit of control, freedom and responsibility. It keeps patients involved and relieves family and friends from the task of getting the medication.

Giftshop Webshop

We are so used to shopping online. However, it is still not very common for patients to be able to buy products from the hospital’s giftshop online.

Offering a service like this through the patient entertainment system is yet another freeing way for patients to stay independent and in control during their hospital stay. Patient can ordering anything they like from the hospital’s giftshop. Magazines or books to read, some gum or something to brighten up their room.


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