Hospital Monitor Arms

– our arms puts entertainment, communication and information at the patient’s fingertips

For more than 15 years Folcrom has been designing and manufacturing hospital monitor arms. Our arms are installed in hospitals all around the world. We are very proud of our ability to help hospitals decide which arm and mounting solution is suitable for them. We have also worked with many monitor manufacturers and software providers that we can introduce.

Fit for purpose

specifically designed for hospital use


our arms are built to last

Cable management

cables run in the arm where they do not get dirty or frayed

Angle stop

ensure the arm does not hit things on the sides


Hospital Monitor Arm Installation Advice

Not sure which type of arm our mounting solution you need? Contact us and let us advise you. It depends on what kind monitor you will use, the type of walls or ceilings you have and how much space is available. We are very confident we can help you select a solution that works for your organization.